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7th June 2014


Mary Rothlisberger (Palouse, WA) July 9-14


Tracy Rose Guajardo (Tucson, AZ) July 18-24


Alison Smith (Jersey City) July 25-31


Ama Wertz (Oakland, CA) August 5-11


Anny Crane (Brookyln, NY) August 19-25


Liane Tyrell (New Hampshire) August 29 – September 4


Sarah Lillegard (Reno, NV) September 5-11


Dee Clements (Chicago, IL) September 12-18


Rachel Blodgett (Providence, RI) September 26-October 2


Rachel De Cuba (St. Augustine, FL) October 7 – 13

power fiber magic babes of the universe collide, get ready michigan

good intentions

17th March 2014


I’m sitting at the quietest library I have ever been to in Frankfort, MI.  I came here to recalibrate, to slow down, to catch up on emails, to put the first stitches in a new quilt.  Good intentions, I’ve got a couple hundred of them.

Alas, here I am, new phone in hand, diddling around on Instagram, blasting Taylor Swift into my headphones, Facebook chatting, google mapping how far away Pentwater is, and drowning in my intentions.  The best of the best lakes just a few minutes away, and here I am in the library just looking at the internet like it’s a world that’s gonna help me out one of these days.

For anyone who has been living in this winter madness, this might be a relatable situation.  There are a few things that help me get out of this : getting on the yoga mat, drinking water, going for walks, and calling a friend are a few key life savers.  Yet every time I sit down at the computer to GET WORK DONE, I drown.  Almost immediately.  There is hardy even a moment where I tread water and MAYBE get to at least one thing on the to do list.

My friend Elyse recently showed me how she has been making her to-do lists.  It’s a grid of sorts, with boxes on the page that break the list into categories : social media, bills, events, wholesale orders, emails, etc – I’m gonna need to try something like this.  I usually take the pen out to make the list, and then before I know it I’m knee deep in Pinterest and I’ve completely forgotten what I came to do in the first place.

So here I am, with an offering of “who knows” – this post was originally going to be about how much I love listening to Taylor Swift and my lack of shame for pop music consumption.  Instead I sit with a much more honest revealing of how my insides feel, but I’m pretty sure Taylor Swift taught me to do that in the first place.  Spring is only 4 days away, and I can start to feel the need and desire for rebirth.  At the same time honoring that I need to do things even when I don’t want to do them, and that the feeling of completion is far more nourishing than the fleeting high of a distraction.

march2photographs by John Hanson


4th March 2014



Last month John & I were lucky enough to take a trip to California to attend the LA Art Book Fair, visit friends along the coast, & visit shops that we’d been inspired by from afar.  In just a few short days we learned so much about ourselves, our peers, and what we needed to make happen when we got back to Michigan.

At the beginning of our trip we both felt an overwhelming feeling of wanting to leave Michigan.  The warmth, people, and opportunities in LA were a harsh reminder of some of the things we lack here in the Midwest.  But as we continued to explore different neighborhoods & shops it became apparent that we weren’t that far off.  That in Grand Rapids we have just as good of handmade makers, if not better.  And that the formulas used in LA can be applied to our shop in Michigan.

We went to A LOT of shops.  Each shop had a very distinct atmosphere and vibe, and I learned a lot about how I want someone entering my shop to feel.  Some shops had cold rigid vibes, and that didn’t feel good to walk into.  Many shops had a neutral vibe, and then there were the few shops that were so welcoming I never wanted to leave.


Summer Camp (Ojai CA) & Orn Hansen (Long Beach, CA) were by far the best places we stopped by on our trip.  Rachel at Summer Camp was so inviting and alive.  She showed us all around the shop and we were able to talk about the pros & cons of being business women.  We even got to trade necklaces that we had made.  Rodellee greeted us so kindly when we got to Orn Hansen in Long Beach.  She also is the owner of Adored Vintage, an incredible vintage clothing shop & showroom.


The LA Art Book Fair was cool, but I will admit it was also a bit overwhelming.  I think as I continue to know what I like and what space I feel best in I lean more towards a small and nicely curated shop.  The bustling fair made it hard for me to concentrate and figure out exactly what I liked.  I did get to meet Kelly from Little Paper Planes, which is a shop I draw a lot of inspiration from.  Kelly brings the magic through her shop, publications, & residency in San Francisco.

Now that we’re home Have Company continues to grow!  We’re adding new makers & publications every week and just recently launched our residency program.  Feels great to be home and making the magic happen here.

photos :  summer camp, rodellee at orn hansen, & la art book fair. all photos taken by john hanson


27th February 2014


Completely blown away by all of the project proposals that came in for our domestic residency program.  Throughout the next few weeks I’ll be slowly introducing you to everyone, but for now here is a complete list of our residents for the Spring season!  Feeling beyond blessed that these folks are going to be sharing the space and sharing their craft with the Grand Rapids community.  Potlucks, workshops, & hangouts galore. Each resident will be hosting at least one workshop, and possibly more events.  So keep an eye out for lots of good chances to learn in the coming months. 

Michael Gray, (Brooklyn, NY) April 3-8th

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Codi Ann Thomsen  (Chicago, IL) April 9-15

rosemaryRosemary Liss (Baltimore, MD) April 16-24


Gina Balibrera (San Francisco, CA) April 25-May 2


Kate E. Burke (Kansas City, MO) May 7-13


Ali Reid (Worcester, MA) May 17-24


Emily Reinhardt , (Omaha, NE) May 25-June 4


Aliya Bonar (New York City) June 8-16


Hannah McMaster (Ventura, CA)  June 24-30

Spend some time with these folks! Take them to museums! Come to their workshops! They are going to be filling our little block with some really incredible projects!

quilt life

26th February 2014

quiltsI spend a large portion of each week organizing my favorite quilts on Pinterest, in my head, on my phone, etc.  I thought I’d put together four of my absolute favorite quilts of the week! Hard to narrow it down, guess that means I’ll just keep having to show you.

1. Unknown maker, from Bellevue Arts Museum 

2. Improvisational Pig Pen Quilt by Susana Allen Hunter

3.  Textile Sun by Nick & Nadine

4. Pink Little Courthouse by Hopewell Workshop

So inspired by these quilt makers, old & new! Don’t forget to join us on Sunday March 9th for the Improvisational Quilt Making workshop at the shop!  Looking forward to teaching so many rad people! Sign up HERE

the view from monday

24th February 2014


I’m finding that mondays are a real block in the road.  I give myself mondays as a gift, to catch up on old projects, clean around the house, hit up some yoga.  However I almost always end up wasting away the day.  My intentions are set, morning pages are completed, and then the gloom and doom casts over me.  How will I ever structure these 12 hours?! Where do I even begin to begin.

Well I know the answer : begin anywhere.  Lists can really mess me up.  The writing of the list is often only a distraction for what it is I am am actually to do. And then here is a list with oh so many things on it.  So the reality is, begin anywhere.  My mom says when you need to clean just pick one thing up and put it away, then another, then another.  No need to set a plan just start with that one thing and let it flow.

So here is to Monday. To this Monday.  In hopes of starting one thing, and then another.  Not letting myself sit in the “being stuck”.  Begin anywhere, and then begin again, and again, and again.  Pour the water in the cup, light a candle, put the clothes in the washer.  Just the next right thing over and over.  Limit time on the computer, limit time on the couch, switch up the music.  Monday doesn’t have to be so bad as long as after I greet it warmly I stay committed to it’s gifts. blog67 blog987blog5


22nd February 2014

2D_3 (1) P_8 S_0 P_7 P_6

In the midst of all of the snow it feels so good to look at the photographs from the Lamp Light Music Festival that had it’s second year this past November.  The three day fest is a house show music festival, spread out over 5 houses, with bands playing throughout the day, workshops, and the best food you’ll ever eat from different restaurant and farms in Michigan.  Here are a handful of my favorite photographs from the weekend, all taken by the incredible Laura E. Partain.  See her full set HERE

Wishing you lived in Michigan? Come over, we’ll save you a seat.

I_4 L_3 2B_0 2I_6 2I_5 2F_1 2H_8 2D_3 2D_1 2I_1

S_2 Y_3 2F_2 2C_0 2G_9


20th February 2014

hair bentIt’s that time again.  When mercury goes into retrograde and everything starts feeling funny and you can’t figure out why.  People always ask me – what is this whole Mercury in Retrograde thing about ANYWAYS.  I have never been much of an astrological nut, or even held much wisdom on the topic.  But this is a topic I hold dear to my messy gemini heart, and maybe some of how I get through it will help you too!

The planet Mercury rules two signs : Gemini & Virgo.  If you are like me (A Gemini whose rising sign is VIRGO) then you are going to feel it IN A REALLY REAL WAY.  This month Mercury went into retrograde on February 6th and goes direct February 28th.  During this time people can get really bent out of shape.  Machinery breaks down (last year during the retrograde my truck, sewing machine, & stereo all broke), communication becomes difficult, travel delays occur, etc.

Some tips from someone who used to completely fail at life during this time, but has since found ways to take deep breaths and swim through to the other side :

* BE A HERMIT! It’s ok to go into hermit mode!  Don’t push yourself to go out of the box or do a million social things.  This can be a time of retrospect and self reflection.  Communicating with others tends to go awry, so try just being with yourself and honoring your own solitude!

* BE REAL : Because it can be so hard to communicate – BE HONEST about NOT BEING ABLE to communicate well.  Don’t let your inbox pile up.  Just send out a standard email that says : thanks so much for reaching out, I am a little backed up right now but will be sure to respond as soon as I have a moment! That way colleagues, friends, and family will know that they are heard, but you can still take the time to process and respond when you’re ready.

* FINISH THE OLD : Got a quilt that’s all put together but needs to be quilted? Have a letter you wrote that just needs a stamp? Now is a great time to finish it up!  Starting new projects can completely block you during this time, so instead of trying to invent a new design or enter into a new project : complete one that you already began.  This can be incredibly freeing and fulfilling, especially if you are already at home being a hermit.

* IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU : Take things with a grain of salt, ok maybe a ton of salt.  Everyone is doing their best and is at least a little bit affected during this time.  If your partner, best friend, or coworker says something that bums you out – or isn’t getting back to you : don’t take it personally.  Rest assured that it’s not about you, or them for that matter.  It’s a great time to cultivate inner patience and respect towards one another while we ALL figure out how to communicate more efficiently and directly.

* TRUST THE UNIVERSE : There are no mistakes.  There is no fail.  Just keep moving through it.  Nothing during this time is going to feel perfect.  Travel delays, lost mail, ordering the wrong sized envelopes.  The list goes on.  Just trust that even the tiniest hangups are there to give you a nudge in a new direction, as uncomfortable as it may feel.

* TEA AND BATHS : Seriously. Fill up the bath tub and drink some tea.  TREAT YOURSELF.

* STAY COMMITTED : If you’ve committed to a class, event, meeting – don’t back out!  Your going to want to flake on as much as possible, but trust yourself and why you committed to it in the first place.  Honoring what you say you are going to do feels good during this messy time.

I have also found letting in the nostalgia feels good.  Read old letters, visit an old best friend, wear a dress you have’t worn in years!  Clean out your closet, purge clothes, make room for what is new and more efficient.  Just be gentle with yourself!

COME DOWN TO THE SHOP TONIGHT! (FEB 20) From 4-7pm our friend Bradley Wills is going to be having tarot & astrology readings. Sliding scale $5-20 depending on how in depth you’d like your reading to be!
plant hang

photographs by John Hanson


19th February 2014

the daac shirt(t-shirt design by Geoffrey Holstad)

For the past few years I have served on the board of The Division Avenue Arts Collective – a sober space/all ages music venue/art gallery in Grand Rapids, MI.  I started going in high school and it started to shape the person I was becoming.  It introduced me to punk, DIY, zines, a NON BAR, safe spaces, and everything radical and outside of the box.  I didn’t even care how silly I looked when my parents had to pick me up, it was where I wanted to be.  It was where I didn’t feel like a freak or get looked at sideways.  It was where I could figure it all out.

It’s still where I can figure it all out. Or rather…it was.  Last July we were asked to leave the space that we had been in for almost ten years.  The new owner of the building wanted to begin to turn the avenue into an arts corridor. SO HE KICKED THE ART COLLECTIVE OUT.  Read more about this all HERE.  I had literally just opened up the shop across the street the week before we found out we needed to leave.  I chose to start a business on a block that shaped my entire being, to give back what had been given to me, and then POOF. It was gone.

399175_10151821694050775_572137786_n(photo by Jaimie Johnson)

So for the past few months we haven’t had a space.  We’ve gone back and forth trying to figure out why it matters, how to structure ourselves, and how to move forward.  But one thing was very clear from the beginning : EXISTING IS A PRIORITY.  There were a lot of tears, a lot of moments of ‘Do we really even want to keep doing this?’.  The answer was yes. The answer is still yes.  So we started hosting fundraising shows, we started asking around.  We held public meetings to ask our community WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE?  Some of that was hard.  We have work to do to become more structurally sound, better organized, and more efficient.  But like any project or goal – when you want it and the passion is there : you can do it.  We launched a crowd funding campaign and I am pleased to say it’s doing GREAT.  Between what we have raised on RocketHub, private donors, and our fundraising shows – we are at almost HALF OUR GOAL OF $20,000! And now, the most important part : WE NEED A NEW SPACE!


You can help us get there. Share the campaign.  Tell your friends.  Donate even just FIVE DOLLARS. Even just a dollar!!!  Show up to a show (Show up for your community) I think one of the biggest questions I get asked though is WHY DOES IT REALLY MATTER.  When we have Founders, The Pyramid Scheme, house show venues, Billy’s…Why do we really need another “music venue”.  Here is why : BECAUSE ALL AGES MATTERS.  In a time when all ages spaces die out all the time, we are at a turning point where we can show our greater community that we are not going to let that happen.  All ages spaces provide a community resource for EVERYONE.  A sober space provides a SAFE SPACE for folks in recovery, kids, straight edge communities, and people who maybe just don’t want to be around booze for the night.  It’s a space where an artist or a band gets paid because they SHOWED UP.  Not because the Red Wings game was on and a ton of beer sold.

It’s a space where freshman kids at City High School can start a band and BOOK THEIR OWN SHOW.  Holy shit! Can you imagine what the world would be like if more kids put down drugs and stopped going to the mall AND STARTED GOING TO SHOWS?! The DAAC is also a gallery where ANYONE CAN BOOK A SHOW.  Just like anyone can make a zine and you never have to wait for someone else to say it’s good enough to be published.  NO ONE HAS TO TELL YOU YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGH TO HAVE AN ART SHOW.  You just get to make one.

It matters because it’s about being alive. IT’S ABOUT STAYING ALIVE.  It’s about marginalized folks having a place to go when a city like Grand Rapids or a state like Michigan ISN’T MAKING SPACE FOR THEM.  It’s about showing up.  It matters because when the Detroit Party Marching Band pours out into the street and everyone is dancing and laughing that you forget maybe for just a minute that life is hard.  That maybe for just a minute everything might work out.  It matters because it shows our community that ANYONE can step up to the plate.

Having a raw, neutral, all ages space in a city is a gift.  It’s a rarity.  But it is also a necessity to seeing a creative community move forward.  Why does it matter to you?  Share this post, share the campaign, and share your story.  When we all speak up, it’s hard not to listen.  When we all SHOW UP, it’s noticeable.  Keep showing up, keep being a part of.  KEEP THE DAAC ALIVE.

xo – marlee


18th February 2014

quilt by marlee grace In the past year or so I took my practice of improvisational dance making and started applying it to making quilts.  I was taught by one of my favorite friends and artists of all time, Eliza Fernand.  Eliza combines performance art, quilt making, and story telling to produce incredible works of art.  I learned to use a sewing machine and sew a straight line and VOILA, a quilter I became.  By no means is this craft easy, but like so many things if you want to learn it : YOU CAN. If you can sew a straight line on a sewing machine, use an iron, and be able to take a lot of deep breaths : you too can make a quilt.



a scene from Eliza’s performance series QUILT STORIES big 58179_675349762508821_1327330170_nI recently took a brief hiatus from my personal facebook page.  During my time away from the buzz and the feed I found myself at the sewing machine almost constantly.  As soon as I was left to be alone with my feelings and no way to PROJECT them as far as they could go, I needed a new way to inform – both myself and my community.  I made two small wall quilts, got as far as basting a whole cloth linen quilt (should start quilting it!) and my first quilt as a gift!  It felt so wonderful to give my friend May a small piece to hang on her wall to celebrate the upcoming arrival of her first baby.

may's quilt

tucson quilt by marlee grace tucson quilt by marlee grace I am also so incredibly excited to introduce you to Jenna Valoe, the maker behind Rain and the River.  Jenna’s quilts are incredibly designed and hand quilted in her home in Wisconsin.  Jenna has been a huge inspiration to me as I continue along with my own practice.  Even though our aesthetic differs, her work embodies the same honesty and dedication that I am looking to create in my own quilts.

river's edge quiltRiver’s Edge Quilt by Jenna Valoe

December QuiltDecember Quilt by Jenna Valoe

Now I hope you are thinking : I want to make my own quilt! Well that’s perfect because YOU ARE INVITED : Have Company will be hosting an improvisational quilt making workshop on SUNDAY MARCH 2 from 1-3 PM : minimal sewing experience required! Space is limited so sign up today by emailing