20th February 2014

hair bentIt’s that time again.  When mercury goes into retrograde and everything starts feeling funny and you can’t figure out why.  People always ask me – what is this whole Mercury in Retrograde thing about ANYWAYS.  I have never been much of an astrological nut, or even held much wisdom on the topic.  But this is a topic I hold dear to my messy gemini heart, and maybe some of how I get through it will help you too!

The planet Mercury rules two signs : Gemini & Virgo.  If you are like me (A Gemini whose rising sign is VIRGO) then you are going to feel it IN A REALLY REAL WAY.  This month Mercury went into retrograde on February 6th and goes direct February 28th.  During this time people can get really bent out of shape.  Machinery breaks down (last year during the retrograde my truck, sewing machine, & stereo all broke), communication becomes difficult, travel delays occur, etc.

Some tips from someone who used to completely fail at life during this time, but has since found ways to take deep breaths and swim through to the other side :

* BE A HERMIT! It’s ok to go into hermit mode!  Don’t push yourself to go out of the box or do a million social things.  This can be a time of retrospect and self reflection.  Communicating with others tends to go awry, so try just being with yourself and honoring your own solitude!

* BE REAL : Because it can be so hard to communicate – BE HONEST about NOT BEING ABLE to communicate well.  Don’t let your inbox pile up.  Just send out a standard email that says : thanks so much for reaching out, I am a little backed up right now but will be sure to respond as soon as I have a moment! That way colleagues, friends, and family will know that they are heard, but you can still take the time to process and respond when you’re ready.

* FINISH THE OLD : Got a quilt that’s all put together but needs to be quilted? Have a letter you wrote that just needs a stamp? Now is a great time to finish it up!  Starting new projects can completely block you during this time, so instead of trying to invent a new design or enter into a new project : complete one that you already began.  This can be incredibly freeing and fulfilling, especially if you are already at home being a hermit.

* IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU : Take things with a grain of salt, ok maybe a ton of salt.  Everyone is doing their best and is at least a little bit affected during this time.  If your partner, best friend, or coworker says something that bums you out – or isn’t getting back to you : don’t take it personally.  Rest assured that it’s not about you, or them for that matter.  It’s a great time to cultivate inner patience and respect towards one another while we ALL figure out how to communicate more efficiently and directly.

* TRUST THE UNIVERSE : There are no mistakes.  There is no fail.  Just keep moving through it.  Nothing during this time is going to feel perfect.  Travel delays, lost mail, ordering the wrong sized envelopes.  The list goes on.  Just trust that even the tiniest hangups are there to give you a nudge in a new direction, as uncomfortable as it may feel.

* TEA AND BATHS : Seriously. Fill up the bath tub and drink some tea.  TREAT YOURSELF.

* STAY COMMITTED : If you’ve committed to a class, event, meeting – don’t back out!  Your going to want to flake on as much as possible, but trust yourself and why you committed to it in the first place.  Honoring what you say you are going to do feels good during this messy time.

I have also found letting in the nostalgia feels good.  Read old letters, visit an old best friend, wear a dress you have’t worn in years!  Clean out your closet, purge clothes, make room for what is new and more efficient.  Just be gentle with yourself!

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photographs by John Hanson


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