the view from monday

24th February 2014


I’m finding that mondays are a real block in the road.  I give myself mondays as a gift, to catch up on old projects, clean around the house, hit up some yoga.  However I almost always end up wasting away the day.  My intentions are set, morning pages are completed, and then the gloom and doom casts over me.  How will I ever structure these 12 hours?! Where do I even begin to begin.

Well I know the answer : begin anywhere.  Lists can really mess me up.  The writing of the list is often only a distraction for what it is I am am actually to do. And then here is a list with oh so many things on it.  So the reality is, begin anywhere.  My mom says when you need to clean just pick one thing up and put it away, then another, then another.  No need to set a plan just start with that one thing and let it flow.

So here is to Monday. To this Monday.  In hopes of starting one thing, and then another.  Not letting myself sit in the “being stuck”.  Begin anywhere, and then begin again, and again, and again.  Pour the water in the cup, light a candle, put the clothes in the washer.  Just the next right thing over and over.  Limit time on the computer, limit time on the couch, switch up the music.  Monday doesn’t have to be so bad as long as after I greet it warmly I stay committed to it’s gifts. blog67 blog987blog5

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